The centralized coordinated management and execution of numerous, related projects for a single organization or entity to achieve the program’s strategic objectives and benefits. Program Management identifies the interdependencies between projects & determines the best approach. A PM firm acts as the owner’s representative and strives to achieve the objectives of the overall program while employing the industry’s best practices.
ECM’s management professionals have successfully executed large scale programs, across many sectors, and for multiple clients including the Texas State University System (Sam Houston State University), Sun Metro (City of El Paso), and Vesta (Industrial Parks).


As an owner’s representative, construction management entails providing oversight of the construction and coordination of the work performed by the contractor, architect, utility companies, equipment suppliers and other stakeholders on the project.

ECM specializes in construction management for projects of all sizes and types. Our teams of professional and certified engineers have vast experience in management of day-to-day operations that keep projects on schedule and on budget during construction.


A property condition assessment (PCA) is used to observe deficiencies in a facility. From the information obtained a prioritized list of recommendations and their associated costs is generated. This is then provided to the client as a comprehensive and actionable report.

ECM has performed hundreds of PCA’s throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Central America. ECM has a long list of satisfied clients who rely on our thorough, detailed, and accurate reports to offer a vital assessment of their facility – and their investment.


The scope of services involved with bond facilitation includes pre-bond planning and project(s) review, preliminary cost estimate reviews and project evaluations, review phasing of projects and identification of any unforeseen costs. Implementation of public communication commences with Bond Steering Committee facilitation and continues with community and citizen input forums, stakeholder meetings, and online information and surveys. ECM has successfully carried to completion bond facilitation for many municipalities. Most recently, at the Texas Municipal League’s (TML) annual conference and exhibition in San Antonio, ECM was invited to participate in a presentation regarding bond facilitation.


The main focus for the project design & development phase is to come up with an adequate project design that meets the client’s needs. To be able to reach the desired results, items such as open dialog with key personnel from the design team, the end user, as well as knowledge of construction regulations and standards come in to play during the design development phase.

Throughout the years, ECM International has provided project development services for several international firms within the aerospace, automobile, health, technology and food industries; these services include the development of bid documents containing the end user’s needs and are issued to qualified general contractors with the intent of engaging into a competitive bidding process and be able to provide the best value to the project owner.


Site selection services require the collection of all available information about potential sites and any other information that might affect the project(s). Confirmation that the site complies with the requirements of the project and that no unforeseen costs or conditions exist is a preliminary exercise. A site master plan is created to verify traffic conditions along with a soils analysis via an Environmental Survey Assessment (ESA), helping to ensure the foundation design is adequate. In the event of existing infrastructure a thorough evaluation and assessment would be completed to assure conformity to project requirements. ECM has an excellent relationship with many of the agencies that must be consulted for approval of permitting and planning. Our team is well positioned in many local markets. The benefit of our experience through prior projects is invaluable and will assist in an expeditious facilitation of required approval.


Preconstruction services include bidding, cost estimating, procurement, value engineering, constructability reviews, phasing and scheduling. ECM is expert in the coordination of all project stakeholders. Disseminating critical information dependably has been a benchmark practice that has enabled our company to achieve a high rate of returning customers. As owner representatives during this phase we successfully expose and resolve many of the discrepancies that would normally cost owners time and money


Sustainability for design and construction is becoming more prevalent every day. Knowing how to manage the LEED documentation process necessitates specific knowledge, and the appropriate tools and skills. LEED Project Management was designed to assist users through the process of planning, designing, constructing, and operating a sustainable high performance building.

ECM has been a member of U.S. Green Building Council since 2006 and has been providing LEED services in Mexico and the U.S. since 2004. Our LEED specialists willhelp your facility obtain the silver, gold or platinum LEED Certification you require.

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